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Clifton Pugh



Clifton donated his properties and extensive arts collection to a foundation, The Dunmoochin Foundation, supplying artists with studio and residential studios in the Australian bush. The artists come from all art forms and countries, for residential periods of six months to a year. The Dunmoochin Foundation also undertakes the preservation of a large area of bushland.






BORN: Bethesda Hospital, Richmond, Melbourne, VICTORIA. 17th December, 1924.

EDUCATION: Attended various schools in Victoria, and then-
Swinburne Technical College: Cartoon Drawing, evening classes, Melbourne, 1940.

South Australian School of Arts and Crafts: Life Drawing, evening classes, Adelaide, 1942.

National Gallery School of Victoria: Drawing School, Feb. 1948 to Sept. 1948. Painting School, Feb. 1949 to Sept. 1952.

WAR SERVICE: Served in the Australian Army during W.W II. For his services he was awarded:

*1939/45 Star.
* Pacific Star.
* War Medal.
* Australia Service Medal.

FAMILY: Married three times. Two sons; Shane born in 1953, and Dailan born in 1955.

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Has exhibited widely since 1955 in Australia, U.S.A, Britain, Mexico, New Zealand, Israel, Japan and Canada.

1957 MARCH: First major one-man show, Victorian Artists' Society,Melbourne.

1959 Represented in Australian Art Matson Lines Exhibition touring San Francisco and Los Angeles.

1960 MAY : Contemporary Australian Art, Auckland Art, Auckland City Art Gallery, New Zealand.

1961 JUNE: Contemporary Australian Art, Whitechapel Gallery, London.

1963 FEBRUARY: Represented in an exhibition of Australian Paintings, Tate Gallery, London.

1964 Australian Art Exhibition, touring capital cities in Australia and Europe.

1966 FEBRUARY: One-man show, Artists' Guild Gallery, St Louis,U.S.A.

1967 SEPTEMBER: Represented in Young Australian Painters Exhibition, Japan.

1967 Expo '67, Montreal, Canada (MURAL).

1970 APRIL: Major retrospective, Commonwealth Institute, London.

1973 MARCH: Exhibition of Israel Paintings, Dunmoochin, Melbourne.

1975 MARCH: One-man show, London Gouaches, Athol Gallery, Isle of Man.

1976 MAY: One-man show, Crane Kalman Gallery, London.

1979 AUGUST: One-man show, Municipality of Tel Aviv, Israel.

1980 One-man show, Leda and the Emu, Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney.

During the 1980's painted H.R.H Prince Phillip. Travelled extensively throughout Europe and exhibited in England

1981 One Man Show, Greenhill Gallery, Perth.

1983 Wildflowers of Kings Park , Greenhill Galleries , Perth. Entire exhibition purchased by R , Holmes a Court.

1984 One Man Show, Realities Gallery, Melbourne.

1985 One Man Show, Australian Gallery, Melbourne.

1985 Received A.O. - The Order of Australia. For services to the Arts and Environment .

1986 Nieman Marcus, Dallas, Texas U,S,A

1986 One Man Show, Gallery 499, Melbourne.

1987 One Man Show, Greenhill Galleries, Perth

1987 The Legend, Leda and the Emu, Exhibited Adelaide Festival of Arts

Entire show purchased by Melbourne businessman. Book published 1988 , Bay Publishing

1988 Painted Sir Edward (Weary) Dunlop.

1988 Painted Dame Mary Durak.

1988 Bi-Centennial Exhibition, Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney

STAGE DESIGNS: Various Stage and Set Designs.

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Involvement, by Andrew Grimwade, Sun Books, Melbourne, 1968.

Patterns Of a Lifetime, by Traudi Allen , Nelson Melbourne, 1981



Painting People (Commonwealth Film Unit).

Bird and Animal (Eltham Films).

Four Painters (ATV Channel 0, Melbourne).

See It My Way (ABC Channel 2, Sydney).

The Diamantina ( De Montignie Media Productions)

A Fragile Country

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The Art Gallery of South Australia. * Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria.

The National Gallery of Victoria. * The University of Sydney, N.S.W.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales. * The University of Queensland, Brisbane.

The Queensland Art Gallery. * The Australian National University,ACT.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia. * University of Manchester, UK.

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. * National Gallery of Malaysia.

The Newcastle Art Gallery. * The Leningrad National Ballet, USSR.

All Victorian Provincial Galleries. * Bremen Gallery, Germany.

The University of London. * H.Mertz Collection, Washington, USA.

The University of Melbourne, Victoria. * S.Picker Collection, Richmond, UK.

The University of Adelaide, South Australia. * HRH Prince Phillip Collection.




1954 The Audrey Gibson Prize.

1956 Bronze Medal for painting, Olympic Games, 1956 (Portrait of a Painter, Kevin Meynell).

1958 The Maude Vizard-Wholohan Trust Prize (The World of Shane and Dailan)..

1958 The Bendigo Art Prize (Landscape).

1960 The Crouch Prize for Watercolour (Swamp Bird).

1965 The Archibald Prize (Rupert Henderson).

1971 The Archibald Prize (Sir John McEwen).

1972 The Archibald Prize (The Hon. E. G. Whitlam).

1976 The Masters' Choice: Caltex Prize (Cat in a Rabbit Trap).

1976 The Albury-Wodonga Prize: in conjunction with the Council of Merced, California (Along the Murray Valley).

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