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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Australian bushland?
Is there any public transport in the area?
Can I allow guests to stay with me?
Are there any organized community activities for residents?
What is the maximum period that I can stay?
Any dangerous animals to be worried about?
Is there any of Clifton's art available for viewing?
Is it a tranquil environment?
What is The Dunmoochin Foundation?
Who runs the foundation and what is it for?
Is Dunmoochin in a conservation area?
When will my application be reviewed?
How do I know the status of my application?
How far to the nearest art supplies?
What time of year is best for finding orchids?
What is the climate like?
How far to the nearest food shopping?
Is it possible to increase my stay, if needed?
What kinds of wildlife will I see in a typical stay?
Will my music disturb the other residents?
Is there a waiting list for the residencies?
Can you suggest some interesting day trips in the area?
Can I survive without a car?
Who established the foundation?
Where does the rental money go?
What are the studios and residences like?
What is the land actually like in the Dunmoochin area?
Will I have to sign a lease agreement?


Monday October 3, 2022