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Jeanette Dyke Gold + Silver

Dunmoochin Residency - 2005

Jeanette trained for 9 years as a Gold and Silversmith in England, Germany and Australia. In 1993 she gained her Masters Degree in Gold and Silversmithing from the Royal College of Art in London. She set up her first workshop in Battersea, London in the same year.

In 1996 she moved to Australia and settled on the edge of the Yarra Valley in Melbourne. Jeanette now works from her stone cottage at the artists retreat of Montsalvat in Eltham.

Specialising in press forming and fusing, Jeanette transforms her metal into curvaceous, wearable sculptural forms: “Most of my pieces are hollow, three dimensional forms which I believe is due to my training as a silversmith. I trained for 6 years to design and make silver tableware, only turning to jewellery when I moved to Australia. Subconsciously I seem to be still designing miniature vessels, only these are ones that adorn the body.”

Driven by a passion for her work, Jeanette crafts her metal to create pieces which can be inspired by anything and everything around her; shadows, fleeting moments and even dreams. Her work is contemporary in design and is always exquisitely unique: “I am committed to creating works of high standard and carefully execute one-off and limited editions in gold, silver and precious stones. I strive to transform my metal with purity and simplicity into elegant vistas and forms.”

From 2004-2007 Jeanette lived and worked at Clifton Pugh’s unique property “Dunmoochin”; an artist’s haven and environmentally sensitive area in Cottles Bridge. During this time Jeanette also worked closely with Goldsmith Simon Baigent at Montsalvat, learning the art of stone setting and granulation. This time had an enormous impact on her life and work, transforming her designs from pure simplistic forms to jewellery that is designed around decoration, the natural environment and Australia's beautiful flora. In return for what she gained at Dunmoochin Jeanette is now on the board of Directors offering residencies to other artists and environmentalists from all over the world.

Jeanette has been designing and making for over 20 years, selling and exhibiting at leading venues and galleries throughout Australia. She has won many awards for her work including The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths’ Precious Metals Bursary and The P&O Makower Precious Metals Award. She has had jewellery purchased for use in a Steven King telemovie and Jeanette’s hallmark and information has been published in Christine Erratt’s book; “Marks on Australian Silver 1950–2005,” (Parker Press). Her work can also be found in public and private collections worldwide including the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory Australia.


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