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The key focus of the Dunmoochin Foundation is to promote arts practice and research, and environmental study, by making the Foundation residential facilities accessible to a broad range of international and Australian practitioners and researchers working in artistic, educational and environmental fields. Foundation residents can access the Foundation’s art collection, the majority of which is held at La Trobe University under an affiliation agreement.

Dunmoochin derives its cultural and artistic heritage from the collaborative efforts of a group of artists who purchased land in Cottles Bridge in the early 1950’s. These artists pioneered one of the first artistic communes in Australia and created a lasting vision of how a community can gain knowledge and inspiration from living in a close relationship with nature.

One of these artists, Clifton Pugh, achieved national and international recognition during his lifetime and in 1989 he established the Dunmoochin Foundation. Upon his death in 1990 he left an art collection and extensive properties within the Dunmoochin area, to be developed and maintained by the Dunmoochin Foundation.

By preserving its natural and cultural heritage and providing access to its residential properties, studios and art collection, the Dunmoochin Foundation will attract Australian and international artists, environmentalists and scholars and will promote an understanding and appreciation of Australia’s unique bushland and culture.

The Dunmoochin Foundation is administered by a voluntary board that has a high level of arts appreciation and knowledge. 






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